Everything You Should Know About Moringa Oleifera

Everything You Should Know About Moringa Oleifera

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Moringa Oleifera, which is popularly called by many names like the miracle tree, the drumstick tree, the horseradish tree, and the ben oil tree, has long been used for its health benefits and medicinal properties.

The plant has antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties. It also contains minerals, vitamins, and proteins. The plant is native to the Indian sub-continent but can also be found in Africa, South America, and Asia. It comes with some side effects. Hence, people on prescription medicines should have a word with their healthcare advisors before consuming Moringa extracts.

Everything You Should Know About Moringa Oleifera
Everything You Should Know About Moringa Oleifera

Moringa Oleifera Risks To Be Aware Of

Some risks you need to be particularly aware of when having Moringa are as follows:

  • Moringa extracts have the ability to increase the time taken by the liver to break down certain medicines. So, this can result in different complications and side effects.
  • The compounds found in the leaves of this plant can be used for combating thyroid issues and in aiding thyroid function. However, you should avoid taking the compounds in combination with various other thyroid medicines.
  • Diabetes medicines are used for lowering the levels of blood sugar. The same thing is also done by Moringa and that too quite effectively. Nevertheless, it is necessary to make sure that the levels of blood sugar do not get very low.
  • Moringa helps in lowering blood pressure but having it along with other drugs for lowering blood pressure can result in dangerous side effects.

Can Moringa Oleifera Help With Weight Loss?

Research shows that the extracts of this plant are highly effective in controlling and reducing weight gain. The rich vitamin B content of this plant helps in efficient and smooth digestion. It can also help the human body in the process of converting consumed food into useful energy instead of storing it in the form of fat. Moringa also helps in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol; preventing inflammation and reducing fatigue.


Everything You Should Know About Moringa Oleifera
Everything You Should Know About Moringa Oleifera

FDA or the Food & Drug Administration department in the United States does not monitor Moringa like all the other supplements. Hence, there might be certain concerns regarding the quality and purity of this plant extract. The users do not have any other option but to depend on the validity of claims coming from manufacturers. Nevertheless, data derived from recent research can also be used for understanding the benefits of having Moringa.


Proper Moringa dosing is entirely dependent on several factors like the age and health condition of the user. While taking this beneficial natural compound, it is necessary for you to keep in mind that not all-natural supplements are safe. Dosages are quite important. So, always follow relevant instructions on Moringa dosage or have a word with your healthcare provider before using it.

Moringa is highly beneficial when it comes to treating different health conditions, but at the same time, high doses of this extract can result in various health problems. So, be informed on this product before using it.

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