Cool Kitchen Tools To Enhance The Look Of Your Fruits

Fruit spiral slicers are classy kitchen tools that let you cut and shape your vegetables and fruits in the most beautiful way. With such gadgets and tools, you can make stunning salad presentations. You can lay your dinner or lunch tables with spiral cuts in your fruits and vegetables, thereby adding to their appeal factor.

While we have used a normal kitchen knife or a peeler for decades, this cool tool can now help you cut your humble fruits in a new way. It can give a complete makeover to your cucumbers, cantaloupes, and zucchinis. Many people use fruit spiral slicers to cut zucchini strands to make zoodles. It a new and innovative dish where you replace the noodles and hence the carbs with zucchini strands to get a more healthy dish.

Features Of These Kitchen Tools

There are many fruit spiral slicers available on the market, but if you have picked up a good quality one, then you can expect certain features in the tool. A vegetable spiral slicer is generally made of food-grade ABS material. It is eco-friendly and must have a stainless steel blade. The blade is quite sharp and anti-bacterial to prevent mold or fungus growth. The sharp blade enables you to cut spirals from tough or hard vegetables easily. The tool is easy to clean and most of these are dishwasher safe and so, you can just put them in the dishwashers for cleaning. These are generally made from ABS plastic and stainless steel. You can cut julienne strips of radish, carrots, cucumbers, and other such firm vegetables too with the spiral slicers.

Shop These Kitchen Tools Online

Fruit Spiral Roller

Now you can serve your fruits and vegetables in a beautiful and creative way. Show off your carving skills and amaze your kids with eye-catching fruits and vegetables. This spiral roller is made of 100% brand new material ABS + Stainless Steel. It features dimensions of 6.5cm*7.5cm*16.5cm and weighs around 17gm.

Fruit And Vegetable Spiral Slicer

With the size of 10 x 4 cm, this Fruit and Vegetable Spiral Slicer is made of high-quality PP materials. This is used for rotating slices of fruits and vegetables, and decorative cutting and carving tools. It has a multi-functional spiral knife, guaranteed to last for many years despite using it intensively in your day-to-day use. This mini-slicer is easy to operate and clean too. With a weight of 5g, it’s lightweight and best suited for food party preparation. This is indeed one of those great kitchen tools that help you give an appealing shape and look to your fruits and vegetables.

Fruit Infuser Juice Shaker

Not only fruit and vegetable slicers, but we would also recommend you to buy this cool fruit infuser bottle. This cool bottle infuses all the necessary vitamins and minerals from fruits into the water that you can sip. This bottle is excellent for fussy kids who refuse to eat fruits. Use this juice shaker to mix powdered juice so you can enjoy a refreshing drink. This can also be used to make lemon water. This one comes with a rubber grip so you can hold it firmly as you shake. It is made of Tritan plastic and has a capacity of 900 ml.

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