Making Moringa Tea: Preparing A Delicious Tea

Making Moringa Tea: Preparing A Delicious Tea

If you have Moringa Oleifera in your neighborhood, you are lucky. The graceful tree is a blessing to every health-conscious freak. Reason – the leaves of the tree are an excellent source of protein, iron, minerals, and vitamins. You can also get readymade moringa powder and use it in a number of ways. One way to redeem the benefits of moringa powder is by making moringa tea. If you don’t know how to make this super-healthy tea, here’s how to begin:

Before we tell you the procedure of making moringa tea, let’s discover some great benefits of this tea:

Making Moringa Tea: Preparing A Delicious Tea
Making Moringa Tea: Preparing A Delicious Tea

Benefits Of Moringa Tea

Possessinganti-inflammatory properties, moringa tea protects the liver and contributes to a healthy immune system. It also prevents risks of other diseases including cancer. The tea is a great source of antioxidants and improves lactation. If you suffer from stomach issues, drink this healthy tea to get rid of your woes.

Moringa tea fights against viral and bacterial diseases and also makes bones healthier. What else? Having a bad mood or suffering from mood disorders? Have this tea to treat all your mood disorders. Tea made from moringa powder also nourishes the hair and skin. So, if you want great skin and hair, drink this tea two times a day.

Making Moringa Tea

Making moringa tea is not as tricky as you might think. For preparing the tea, you need organic moringa powder, water, and honey. Make this tea by following the steps given below:

Take a cup of water in a small pan and bring the water to boil. Now take a teaspoon of organic moringa powder in the teacup or glass. Next, pour the water into the glass. Add some honey and stir well. You can also add sugar and lime juice instead of honey. Cover the glass and let the tea brew for about 5 minutes. Stir well before drinking this tea.

Drink this moringa tea every morning and evening to redeem maximum benefits. At first, you may find the tea of a little odd taste. However, you will be able to gulp it down easily and in fact like a pro!

How To Make Moringa Powder?

If you don’t want to use ready moringa powder, you can make your own powder at home using moringa leaves:

Making Moringa Tea: Preparing A Delicious Tea
Making Moringa Tea: Preparing A Delicious Tea

Make the powder by assembling some stalks of the moringa leaves. It would be better to use the older or mature leaves instead of new ones. Wash the leaves and let them dry naturally for a day. Remove the stalks once the leaves dry. You can also keep the stalks intact and use them. Now grind the leaves and the stalks (as per your choice) in the blender. Now store this powder in your tea bags or in a container. Make sure to store the bags or the container in a dry and clean place. This is crucial to let the powder stay fresh for longer.

Making moringa tea is very easy if you follow these steps. Make the tea and drink it twice a day for maximum health benefits!

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