“The Miracle Tree, Moringa Tree”

Moringa tree

How about a tree at your place to cater to all your nutritional needs? Something which can come handy for your medical requirements and also provide you purified water. Sounds too good to be true? Well! Such a tree exists. For a long time, the benefits of the Moringa tree is well known to the natives of northern India and a considerable portion of Africa. With its wide range of names, a part of East Africa, the name “mother’s best friend” perfectly suits it. This nutritional dynamite is little known in the western region, and we can write thousands of uses of it. Let’s focus on some crucial applications to understand how it is essential to be called a Miracle Tree.

Miracle tree
“The Miracle Tree, Moringa Tree”

A True Household Friend

The most important parts are the immature pods. An extremely nutritional surprise comes with useful amino acids, many vitamins, and nutrients. One can have the immature pod raw or processed, the way they want. We get a highly nutritious non-drying 38-40% edible-oil out of it, which is sweet, clear, and odorless. You get each of its parts very useful for your daily requirements. From cooking to salads, from scrubbing utensils to yielding coarse fiber, it acts as a true friend to all our household requirements.

Surprising Statistics– Moringa Tree

Giving 25 gm of moringa leaf powder daily to a child will cater to Protein, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C in the ratio of 42,125,61,41,71,272, and 22% respectively. Well! This is self-explanatory, absolutely astounding.

"The Miracle Tree, Moringa Tree"
“The Miracle Tree, Moringa Tree”

Lets Compare With Our Commonly Used Nutrisources– Moringa Tree

A lot of scientific researches took place on this magical tree, and results are surprising. This modest-looking tree-leaves are a powerhouse of nutritional benefits. Comparison says It comprises seven times Vitamin C than Oranges, four times Vitamin A than carrots, three times Potassium than bananas, four-time Calcium, and two times Protein than milk. Surprised? Well, those are research facts.

Medicinal Value

According to the hub of Ayurveda, the Indian tradition, the leaves of Moringa are useful to nullify at least 300 diseases. A fact is, though, as little actual scientific research took place to second these, and the evidence is anecdotal. Though antibiotic usage of the Moringa tree got classical scientific acknowledgments for over the last 50 years. While discussing medicinal value, it is evident to protect typical body function abnormalities, as having high nutritional values. But, to our surprise, it contributes to counter dermal issues or internal infections via a compound known as pterygospermin.

 Ground studies and ecological researches by an efficient scientific fraternity suggest the efficacy of leaf, seed, root, bark, and flowers on folklore in treating cancer. Yes! You read it right. This nutritional dynamite has a definite impact on tumor preventions. Though more in-depth research is compulsory to coin a tag of evidence of medical endorsement for Moringa as a cancer preventative plant, we can surely rely on anecdotal instances.

With much more valid impacts on daily lives, Moringa is pure bliss and a “miracle” offering more than everything one can expect. A tree is bolstering hope, nutritionally, medicinally, and economically especially for poor 3rd world countries. Recent studies have grabbed the interest of western parts of the world to look for this live magic, and thus a trend has just begun to use it in the form of supplements in a juice or tablets. Grab the magic before it goes beyond reach.

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